The Overseas Korean Language Experts & Researchers' Training Program

The 'Overseas Korean Language Experts & Researchers' Training Program' is a project run by the National Institute of Korean Language that aims to contribute to the systematic dissemination of Korean language by strengthening the capacity of Korean language and Korean education researchers by providing support for Korean language and education research.
This year, we are preparing to organize online training and invitational training camps for Korean language researchers living abroad. This is a great opportunity for teachers working abroad to strengthen their research capabilities in a new environment.

Date/Training Method: 
  • During July-August 2024
  • 4 weeks in total
  • 1 week/OT and online training
  • 3 weeks/invited training tentative
  • Venue: To be announced individually
  • Schedule is subject to change 
Purpose of the training
  • Strengthening the educational and research capabilities of foreign Korean researchers in Korea
  • Spreading systematic Korean language education through customized training
  • Promoting Korean language education policies and educational materials of the National Language Institute
  • Establishing a case sharing and cooperation system among Korean language experts in Korea 
Training programs
  • Educational activities
  • Research activities
  • Application for participation in cultural experiences
Documents to be submitted: 
  • Application documents (submit attached [Form 1]~[Form 4])
  • Application deadline: ~May 13, 2024 (Mon) * Korean time
  • The recruitment period may be extended if the number of applications is insufficient.
  • Application method: Electronic document (official letter) submission
  • * For regions where electronic document submission is not possible, please submit an e-mail ( with an official letter
  • Screening organization: National Language Institute and training organizers
  • Screening content: Selected by screening the eligibility to participate in the training, including submitted documents and Korean language proficiency
  • Announcement of screening results: Separate notification

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