Entrepreneurship Conference and Startup Camp in Indonesia

 Your university can now host a start-up camp as well.The Startup Camp held by the Korea Center Start-up School is a design thinking-based start-up camp with the Korea Entrepreneurship Association and Keimyung University Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship.

1. Purpose
  • Cooperation and exchange in the field of research and entrepreneurship are being carried out with Indonesian University, Korean Center, Keimyung University Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship (GSGE), and The Korea Entrepreneurship Society (TKES).
  • Korea Center Sister University can invite professors and instructors to host this startup camp on their campus.
2. Expected date and Place
  • Every year in February, for 2 days and 1 night
  • Host University
3. Contents
  • Indonesia-Korea Global Entrepreneurship Exchange MoU (The Korea Entrepreneurship Society-Host Universities)
  • Startup Camp and Travel Business Startup Hackathon (hosted by the Indonesian University/Korea Center/Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship, Keimyung University)
4. Detailed Schedule
  • Day 1 - MoU and Start-up Camp
    • 11:00~12:00 Ceremony / MoU
    • 12:00~13:00 Lunch
    • 13:00~14:40 Lecture I
    • 14:40~15:00 Break Time
    • 15:00~16:40 Lecture II
    • 16:40~17:00 Q&A
    • 17:00~18:00 Preparation by Teams
  • Day 2 - Hackerton
    • 09:00~10:00 Ideation of personal items
    • 10:00~12:00 Item presentation and team building
    • 12:00~13:00 Lunch
    • 13:00~16:00 Preparation of IR Presentation
    • 16:00~18:00 IR Pitching and awarding
  • Day 3, 4 - Campus and City Tour
5. Things Provided by the Host University
  • Accommodation, meals and transportation for professors and instructors.
  • Campus and City Tour program for professors and instructors.
  • Participant recruitment and promotion
  • Lecture rooms and facilities
  • Prize or Prize money
6. Application Schedule
  • Application Submission Period: in December every year
7. Professors and Instructors
  • Professor Park, Chang-il, Chair of Industry-Academy Cooperation Center, Keimyung University
  • Professor Kim, Changone, Chair of the Korea Entrepreneurship Society, Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship, Keimyung University
  • Professor Kim Taewon, Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship, Keimyung University, Certified Instructor of Innovation-Corps Program
  • President Baek, Honggi, KEN Partners Angel Club
  • Professor Park, Gihong, President Director Korean Center Global Network Foundation
8. Contact & Registration
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