Korean Center Start-up Instructor Training Program

Upon completion of this training program, Attenders will be qualified(able) to
  1. Help a startup or startup teams understanding how to develop their business concept into business items.
  2. Teach and guide them to follow a scientific practice for discovering their right customer segments and Value Proposition for potential customers. The most essential key factors are finding right customer and validate startup’s assumption into facts approved by evidence.
  3. Prepare and practice what should be done prior to executing or making prototype.
  4. How to use or utilize various sources from appropriated industry/Eco system surrounded and available
  5. Let them understand ‘The Lean Startup Methodology’ and how to put it to succeed in real market.
  6. Provide deep understanding knowledge for ‘Entrepreneurship’, ‘Startup Eco System’ and most up to dated theories and practical use of rigorous Customer Development(Discovery, Validation and Creation)
  7. Apply the right methodologies for teaching, mentoring and consulting for early - stage startups with pin-point directives and skill for problem solving.
  8. Be able to explain all startup related groceries(Terminologies).
  9. Be able to conduct Instructing(Mentoring, Consulting) role for Indonesian startups.
Eligible Applicants
  • Strong communication skill including English writing, Speaking and Listening
  • Co-work skills for sharing own experience and knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Prior Academic or Practical Experience in Startup, Entrepreneurship background
  • Teaching ability or Experience in Academic Field such as High School, College, University
  • Bachelor’s degree of any major
Duration and Place
  • 6 days, Every February, May, August and November open
  • Registration is open all year round. So Interested students may register immediately. Once a student completes and submits the online form, he or she is automatically registered with the SIT.
  • Korean Center Indonesia in Bali
  • University wishing to open this SIT Program can open on their campus
  • English is the default in this program.
  • 한국인을 위한 스타트업 강사 양성 과정은 한국어로 진행됩니다.

Fee Information
  • 660 US Dollar per person
  • Included : Tuition fee, Lunch and snack, Textbook and Playbook, Writing goods
  • Excluded : Accommodation, Transportation and Dinner, Personal expenses
  • If the person who completed the course wants to retake the course, he or she can participate for free.
Recommendable Pre-Learning Materials
  • Materials can be distributed prior to program(PDF)
  • Learn Startup by Eric Ries
  • Business Idea Generation by Pigneur and Alexander Osterwalder
  • Learn Canvas by Ash Maurya
  • Customer Development by Steve Blank
  • NSF I – Corps Program Play book
Content Lecture
  • Lecture
    • Business Model Canvas(Learn Start-up, VP&CS)
    • Customer Development Phase 1: Business Hypothesis(Customer, Problem, Solution)
    • Customer Interview Strategy
    • How to get your own Insight and how to use it
    • Beyond Canvas
    • Understanding Instructing, Mentoring, Consulting
    • Global Scale Successful Startup Case Study
  • Drill &  Practice
    • Self Filling out the Template(BMC)
    • Self Filling up the Hypothesis and Interview Design
    • (Interviewee, Interview questions) with Template
  • Presentation
    • Each student present their BMC and Feedback from Korean Instructors
    • Presentation for each student’s Hypothesis and customer Interview Design and Feedback(Template)
Participant Can receive the following certificates.
  • Certificate of  Completion of The Korea Entrepreneurship Society
  • A total of 10 hours of lecture practice is required after the end of the program.


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