The Korean Entrepreneurship Society


General Information
The Korean Entrepreneurship Society aims to contribute to the development of Korean entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurship policy and the growth of the national economy and enterprises through the research and application of entrepreneurship and related disciplines such as entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, organizational entrepreneurship, international and regional entrepreneurship, technology entrepreneurship, cultural entrepreneurship, non-profit entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized business entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized venture entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship management, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship support policy, entrepreneurship consulting, family business, social enterprise, venture capital, etc.

Major Business
1. Academic research on the theory and practice of entrepreneurship 
2. Development of entrepreneurship research and policy at the industry-academia-government level 
3. Holding academic research presentations, lectures, seminars, and integrated conferences on entrepreneurship 
4. Publication of journals, books, conference proceedings, and other research works 
5. Providing education, professional advice, and research services 
6. Cooperation with domestic and overseas entrepreneurship and related academic societies and institutions 
7. Awarding academic awards for research achievements in the field of entrepreneurship 
8. Awarding management awards to managers who have contributed to entrepreneurship and industrial development 
9. Investment business related to fund management 
10. Businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation other than the preceding items

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