The Global Future Higher Education Association

We are dedicated to enhancing the world through the power of education.

General Information
The Rise of Korean Education and Its Global Role
Over the past 50 years, Korea has achieved remarkable economic growth, becoming a top 10 global power. One of the key driving forces behind this development has been the power of education. Korea has used education to strengthen national competitiveness and improve the quality of life for its citizens. Now, with a passion for education, Korea is eager to share its experience of growth through education with other nations as a responsible member of the global community.

Our Mission
The Global Future Higher Education Association is a non-profit educational organization founded by over 1,000 active and retired university professors from over 100 universities in Korea. The Global Future Higher Education Association aims to share Korea's knowledge, scholarship, and experience with the world through education and contribute to global development.

Key Activities
International Academic Exchange
The Global Future Higher Education Association promotes international academic exchange through academic conferences, seminars, special lectures, and professor and student exchanges with overseas universities.

Education Program Development
The Global Future Higher Education Association develops and operates overseas education programs based on Korea's education system and experience.

Education Consulting
The Global Future Higher Education Association provides education consulting services to overseas universities and educational institutions.

International Cooperation Projects
The Global Future Higher Education Association promotes international cooperation projects in the field of education in collaboration with various international organizations.

Our Vision
The Global Future Higher Education Association strives to become a leading educational organization that promotes the excellence of Korean education to the world and contributes to global development by fostering international cooperation through education.

Major Business
  1. Academic research in all fields of study
  2. Developing policy research between government and academia in all majors
  3. Holding academic presentations, lectures, seminars, and conferences in all fields of study
  4. Publishing journals, books, conference proceedings, research reports, etc.
  5. Training and consulting related to the majors
  6. Cooperation with educational and related organizations at home and abroad
  7. Establishing and operating Advanced Management Program for overseas leaders and managers.
  8. Exchange and cooperation projects between Korean and overseas higher education institutions and university students
  9. Any other business related to education that promotes the nationality of Korea and improves the quality of life of local people, etc.

Prof. Lee Sahangshik, Ph. D (Keimyung University)
1095, Dalgubal-daero, Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

Indonesia Branch
Jl. Kecak No. 12, Gatot Subroto Timur, Tonja, Denpasar Utara, Kota Bali, Indonesia
Telp 0821 3755 2589

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